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A clinic management solution designed with a comprehensive menu of features so that you can manage every aspect of your clinic.

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Clinic Essentials tiene una valoración global de 2.0 estrellas sobre 5 según las 1 opiniones de usuarios de Capterra.

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Confusing and not user friendly

2 hace 6 años

Comentarios: This is a really good system if you know how to use it. If you want to figure it out on your own, good luck. Very simple tasks take you on a journey of convoluted, maze-running riddles that make you want to smash your computer into a thousand pieces. It is an exercise in 'how can we make things more difficult for no reason'? Logic does not help when you want to decipher the riddles, you must call the support line and find out what their drunken programmer decided was the best way to do things. But just like a drunk staggering home from the pub, it is not simply an A to B journey. It is more like a meandering, staggering A-D-Z-R-P-C-M-B journey that make you want to stab your eyeballs with a paper clip.