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An easier, reusable way to visualize current practices, analyze potential process and policy changes and plan future service lines.

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Tyler M.
Enterprise Data Analyst II
Hospital y atención sanitaria, 10,001+ empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de dos años
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  • Publicado el 8/6/2019

"MedModel Opt. Suite Review"

Comentarios: Many projects have gone through tremendous improvement because of the MedModel Software. Working in the hospital, we have made improvements to OR Scheduling, ED Resourcing, Primary Care, Environmental Services, Facilities, etc.. Usually outcomes are optimized for cost savings, reduction in non value added time, liberation of nurses and physicians, decrease in patient Check in to check out time.

Puntos a favor: 1. Fits my needs in terms of projects improvements (Operations, Logistics, Optimization, Scheduling)
2. Animation is easy to create and helps validate/explain to project visual learners
3. Customer Service is top notch: Questions I have are answered quickly and always feel like a valued customer.
4. The range of tools applied to the software truly helps in delivering a quality simulation model.
5. Easy to transfer simulation models from one computer to the next.
6. Pro Model PDF Guide is easy to understand and learn

Contras: 1. Seldom, the software crashes [but easily overcome by saving]
2. Making custom graphics could be improved, I tend to use simple shapes because of this.

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  • Publicado el 8/6/2019