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SaaS solution that helps businesses track task scheduling, job costing, inventory levels, purchasing, production engineering, and more.

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Fulcrum tiene una valoración global de 4.7 estrellas sobre 5 según las 3 opiniones de usuarios de Capterra.

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Satomi Y.
Accounting Supervisor en EE. UU.
Arquitectura y planificación, 51-200 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de dos años
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Sophisticated Software with Slight Learning Curve

5 hace 3 años

Comentarios: My overall experience with Fulcrum has been mostly positive! There is a slight learning curve for the uninitiated but in my personal experience, the software is very easy use and navigate. Fulcrum has come a long way in the last three years, I'm excited for whats to come!

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What I like most about Fulcrum is the on-demand technical support. No matter how small or big the issue, I am always one email or IM away from receiving fast, direct support.


My only complaint about the software is the (occasionally) slow load times and the several workarounds needed due to software/invoicing limitations.

Respuesta de Atlas Solutions

hace 2 años

Thank you Satomi! We enjoy having you as a customer and look to continue making huge strides forward to improve the user experience

John M.
CFO en EE. UU.
Ingeniería industrial o mecánica, 51-200 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de dos años
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Fuente: SoftwareAdvice

Amazing Software. Excellent Service. Top Value.

5 hace 12 meses

Comentarios: We've had great results that have make our company more profitable. Our turnaround times for customer orders have improved. Our visibility to the floor on what jobs are next has greatly diminished time wasted looking for the order. Our productivity and quality have both increased.

Puntos a favor:

The Scheduler and JobTracker modules are excellent products. They integrate easily with our ERP system and are a key component of keeping our customers happy!


The software is robust and complete. There aren't any features missing. We love the flexibility of customizing things when our business needs change.

Respuesta de Atlas Solutions

hace 12 meses

Thanks for the review John - great to hear about Fulcrum's impact on your business and your customers!

Andrew H.
Product Leader en Nueva Zelanda
Maquinaria, 11-50 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 6-12 meses
Fuente de la reseña

Has the potential to become the key driver of growth in your manufacturing company

4 hace 4 meses

Comentarios: Our end goal for implementing Fulcrum at our company is to help enable rapid, scalable growth. More product out the door, faster and easier than before. We expect we will see that in the future, but because we’re only a few months into what we believe will be a multi-year journey, we’re not yet able to conclude whether this was made possible with Fulcrum. In the meantime, the process of preparing our data for entry into Fulcrum immediately gave us better quality BOMs. The flow-on effects from that mean better purchasing and inventory management. We also have greater visibility around what the team are completing each day and the real cost of manufacture. However, the key thing we’re still waiting to see the results from is the Scheduler. Once our production team members start to trust the Scheduler and work on what it asks them to work on, we believe that is when we will start to see efficiencies previously not imagined possible. I’ll update this review in 6 months with further details around the benefits we are seeing at that point in time. Keep an eye out for it sometime in mid-2022.

Puntos a favor:

We have been implementing and using Fulcrum at our manufacturing firm in New Zealand since December 2020. Our company has a headcount of 25, half spread across sales, marketing, engineering and admin, and the remainder as production team members working on the shop floor. We’ve doubled our headcount in the last 12 months, and are looking for tools to help us scale more rapidly. We believe that looking back in 5 years from now, Fulcrum may well be the tool that had the biggest effect on our growth. The launch team that we were paired with from day one of our implementation were instrumental in our successful launch. We had weekly video calls with them to help us understand the basics, they answered our myriad of questions and they helped us with preparing the data we needed to get Fulcrum live, but it’s also fair to say the implementation did take us a lot longer than first anticipated. A lot of these delays came down to the data set that we had. Our BOM’s were lacking clarity, and the process of getting the data into Fulcrum was not very streamlined. More details about this are in the section below. We rolled out a staged launch of Fulcrum in our business, with key components being switched over from the outgoing systems over the course of around 6 months. First Inventory management, then Jobs, and then lastly the Job Tracking component that is utilised on the shop floor by our production team members. We also had to complete a full stocktake on the day Job Tracking went li


We have a good relationship with the key staff at Fulcrum. From their implementation team, right through to their [SENSITIVE CONTENT]. This is because their company is young, the product is still maturing, and they are experiencing the same growing pains that we are - and so with that, we have a lot of communication with them regarding the product, and the resolution of the problems or questions that we raise. We believe the core of the product is sound. The Scheduler is the magic sauce, and it works. But the user experience within the product from onboarding right through to day-to-day usage of the system by our team has room for improvement. It is also accurate to say that they *are* improving it. The product has been refined incrementally over the 10 months we have been using it and we hear that the pace of improvement will only increase into the future as they scale up their engineering team. Regarding the setup process. We have less than 2000 unique item numbers in our company, spread across 10 or so core products. Unfortunately, our previous inventory system kept these as flat BOM’s, so adding the data to tree those products for Fulcrum to understand took us a lot of time. Being based in New Zealand also didn’t help, as we needed a US-based Fulcrum team member to upload our data set each time we had another version to test. Due to the timezone differences, this was usually just a once per day operation whereas if the upload was possible via a user-facing page, we believe we could ha