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Small and medium sized business.

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4 reseñas
  • En general 4.5 / 5
  • Facilidad de uso 4.5 / 5
  • Atención al cliente 4 / 5
  • Funciones 4.5 / 5
  • Relación calidad-precio 3.5 / 5

Detalles del producto

  • Precio de partida $19/mes
  • Detalles de precios Starts from $19 per month and all plans include unlimited user licenses.
  • Versión gratuita No
  • Prueba gratis
  • Implementación En la nube, SaaS, web
  • Formación Documentación
  • Asistencia En línea

Datos del proveedor

  • TestLodge
  • http://www.testlodge.com
  • Fundada en 2010

Sobre Test Lodge

TestLodge is an online test case management tool designed to be far simpler than traditional software by only providing the essentials to get the job done well. The system focuses on helping you create your test plans, input your requirements, create and manage your test suites and cases along with allowing you to easily perform multiple test runs and generate reports.

Funciones de Test Lodge

  • Admite ejecución en paralelo
  • Conformidad Unicode
  • Mover y copiar
  • Tests basados en los requisitos
  • Tests de seguridad
  • Tests parametrizados
  • Verificación de scripts de test
  • Vista jerárquica
  • Acciones preventivas y correctivas (CAPA)
  • Control de calidad de los proveedores
  • Control de documentos
  • Gestión de auditorías
  • Gestión de equipos
  • Gestión de la conformidad
  • Gestión de la formación
  • Gestión de normas ISO
  • Gestión de quejas
  • Gestión de riesgos
  • Gestión del mantenimiento
  • Seguimiento de defectos

Las reseñas más útiles de Test Lodge

One of the best test case management tool: Test Lodge

Traducir con Google Revisado el 6/3/2019
Software QA Analyst
Software informático, 2-10 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 1-5 meses
Fuente de la reseña 
En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
Asistencia técnica
4 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Comentarios: I used this online tool to test my own developed enterprise software. I used free 30 days trial version to complete my task and I got very satisfactory result. Also I want to mention that, I vastly like their downloadable document report. It's very neat and clean looks and comes in very good sequence.
I can say Test Lodge is very good test case management tool in overall, especially for the beginners those just starts software testing career and just learned writing test cases manually. It's very easy tool for practice test case management and writing test cases. Do a test with a free trial account first then you will love it.

Puntos a favor: 1. Ease of use: this online based tool is very easy to use and easy to understand.
2. Features & Interface: The perfect combination of all the features that need most a test case
management tool and the interface is very simple and easy.
3. Fast: That online tool is very fast working, no need to wait too much for loading.
4. Documentation: All of the report such as, test plan, test suites, requirements, test runs can be
downloadable in pdf format as very clean sequence.
5. Trial for test: They have the facility for trial account for 30 days. That's very long time to trial your test
cases compare to others test case management tool in the market. And you can create unlimited
account for free trial with different email id.
6. Integration: They have option for integration with different issue/bug tracking systems.

Contras: 1. Security: Their login portal is not too much secure, you can use your fake email id to open an account.
2. Bug number: The bug number can not relate with test cases.
3. Price: The monthly premium account is too much expensive.

Simple interface, yet packed with mostly everything that a tester would need

Traducir con Google Revisado el 11/1/2019
David eugene E.
Senior Quality Analyst
Externalización/deslocalización, 51-200 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Prueba gratis
Fuente de la reseña 
En general
4 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
Asistencia técnica
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Comentarios: highly recommended for new QA teams who wants more than just using endless spreadsheets, who also need issue and automation integrations with other software, with some $ to spare.

Puntos a favor: Template for a Test Plan is a big help. Requirements can be optional if it already exist in another site/app. Test case creation was fast (test steps are entered in one field, as I would prefer it), import from google sheets is a BIG plus for me, and total time from sign up to importing test cases was less than an hour. I was able to see the settings for trello integration among plenty of others from the How-to video. We can also configure to update the same card when the test is re-run. there is also an option for REST API, for connecting automation tools in the future.

Contras: other groups who'd need to have the steps separated might feel uncomfortable with this app. the color scheme of the interface may be improved, but does not break the function of the software.

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