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Jobber is perfect for established and growing home service businesses who need better organization, mobile access, and more efficient scheduling and billing processes.

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352 reseñas
  • 4.5 / 5
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  • 4.5 / 5
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  • 4 / 5
  • 4.5 / 5
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    Everything from quoting to scheduling to invoicing for service businesses.
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  • Jobber Software
  • Fundada en 2010

Información sobre este software

Jobber is the backbone of your business operations. We help you quote, schedule, invoice, and get paidfaster. Thousands of lawn care, maid service, plumbing, and other home service professionals use Jobber to run the day-to-day aspect of their businesses. Jobber users report that our software saves them 6.8 hours a week! Proof that our features take work off your hands.

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Call Center Management
  • Change Orders
  • Client Management
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Database
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Service History
  • Data Import / Export
  • Dispatch Management
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic Signature
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Financing Management
  • Fitting Management
  • Fleet Management
  • For General Contractor
  • Groundskeeping
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Irrigation Tracking
  • Job Costing
  • Job Management
  • Labor Rates
  • Landscape Design
  • Lead Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Mobile Access
  • Overhead Costs Estimating
  • Payroll Management
  • Pest Activity Tracking
  • Pesticide Usage Tracking
  • Plant Database
  • Prebuilt Assembly
  • Property Layouts
  • Purchasing
  • QM/ABPro Interface
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Quotes / Proposals
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Routing
  • Scheduling
  • Scheduling & Appointments
  • Service History Tracking
  • Takeoff
  • Technician Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Visual Job Costing
  • Work Order Management

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Jobber is a great job scheduling, quote & invoicing platform. I would recommend it to anybody.

En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
4 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia al cliente
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio

Comentarios: I already answered that question

Puntos a favor: The website is easy to navigate. Employees can easily see their jobs in mobile app. Entering client & job info is a breeze even for new employees. Live chat is available and the issues I have had have been easily solved via live chat. Quotes are easy to find in the system and can easily be converted into jobs with minimal or no extra data entry. Invoicing is easy and seamlessly integrates with quickbooks. Once I turn on Jobber payments, customers will have a very easy way to pay their bill that is just as simple as PayPal (our current payment platform). I can tag clients into any kind of group I can think of. The biggest way we will use tagging is for delinquent Invoice customers (we are blessed not to have many). Any employee who tries to enter a new job for a client in this category will see a tag reminding us to get paid for past work before agreeing to a new job. There are ways to track past due invoices but not all employees can see that info. Automatic emails and sms templates in Jobber can be easily customized for our business needs. Automatic customer reminder emails and sms is awesome way for customers to remember appointments. Customers via email link in their quote can request quote changes. Customers via email link in their quote can accept a quote and sign-off on it which makes converting a quote into a job very easy. Notification of an approved quote is emailed to me and the dashboard in the program notifies me.

Puntos en contra: Can't do line item discounting on quotes...customers like to see normal price next to discount price....also certain items on a quote need a discount without discounting the entire quote....currently a discount can only be shown after the subtotal and the discount will apply to the entire quote, discounting labor before discounting a taxable item. Can't send generic quotes easily...sometimes we want to put several options on a single quote but the program tallies all the dollar amounts together and puts an outrageous total at the bottom...we have lost business due to a customer looking at the "total amount" of a quote and freaking out because they don't realize the quote tallied all the options together. Can't make job forms mandatory for employees to complete before closing out a job thus making it harder to hold employee responsible when certain details are missed in a process. Products and services reports can be skewed on the dollar amounts because again sometimes discounts are applied on an invoice but Jobber only allows for a discount on the subtotal (rather than line item)...this makes it hard to get an accurate dollar amount when doing reporting on specific items we sell. As far as I can see, Jobber reports will not take into account discounts given during a specific period of time. The automatic quote follow up feature can only be viewed on main website. There is currently no way to make it visible to an assigned employee on the mobile app.

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Excellent company and excellent product

En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
4 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia al cliente
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio

Comentarios: Makes things work so much better for us! There are small issues but we work through them. Nothing is perfect and for the price point this is phenomenally the best on the market.

Puntos a favor: Absolutely great system and easily adaptable to service companies. They are constantly adding features and functions and I hate to give only 4 stars on that but there are a few things that we would like to have but it doesn't incorporate. They are ALWAYS open to listening and I have actually had some of my ideas incorporated into the program. If I could give 10 stars on the customer service and value for the money I absolutely would. It is a simple program to use once you play with it for a bit. They are always updating which is awesome always new functionality available!

Puntos en contra: I don't like the fact that Visits and Jobs are treated separately with no way to combine them. I wish that you could set this up and for us, just delete the visit altogether because for us a Job is a Visit. They are always 1 to 1 ratio for us. It makes some of the scheduling frustrating because you can schedule a job but not have a visit scheduled. I can completely see how other companies need the ability for multiple visits on 1 job though.
Would like to see compulsory custom fields so you don't forget to fill out important data on quotes or invoices.
This is a big one, if you don't use the Stripe Jobber Payments then you cannot post a refund to a clients account. You basically have to do a work around and then post a negative invoice. It is very frustrating for a basic accounting function. We often have customers place deposits or pay in advance and they don't use their full deposit for our service. We have to issue a refund and it is a real pain to do.