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Trakdesk is a help desk softward designed around a stremlined ticketing system and customer experience.A gamification option allows for competition among employees to reach various performance goals.

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10 reseñas
  • En general 5 / 5
  • Facilidad de uso 5 / 5
  • Atención al cliente 5 / 5
  • Funciones 4.5 / 5
  • Relación calidad-precio 5 / 5

Detalles del producto

  • Precio de partida $11.99/mes
  • Detalles de precios 4 tiers of pricing ($11.99, $19.99, $29.99, $49.99) billed monthly.
  • Versión gratuita
  • Prueba gratis
  • Implementación En la nube, SaaS, web
    Móvil: nativo de iOS
    Móvil: nativo de Android
  • Formación En directo en línea
  • Asistencia En horario ininterrumpido (atiende un representante)
    Horas laborables
    En línea

Datos del proveedor

  • Trakdesk
  • Fundada en 2016

Sobre Trakdesk

Trakdesk is a cloud based customer support and helpdesk software that has all the bells and whistles you would need to provide exceptional customer support. Trakdesk is packed with many robust features like; ticketing, automation, SLA management, multiple brands, customizable self-service portals, multi-language, knowledge base, social integration, gamification and many more.

Funciones de Trakdesk

  • Alertas y alzada
  • Almacenamiento de documentos
  • Chat en tiempo real
  • Comunicación multicanal
  • Creación de marca personalizable
  • Enrutamiento automatizado
  • Gestión de SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Gestión de la base de conocimiento
  • Gestión de recursos informáticos
  • Integración de correo electrónico
  • Portal de autoservicio
  • Seguimiento de interacciones
  • Seguimiento de tickets y problemas
  • Supervisión de redes

Las reseñas más útiles de Trakdesk

What a great start

Traducir con Google Revisado el 7/3/2017
Jamison W.
Project Admin
Hospital y atención sanitaria, 2-10 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 1-5 meses
Fuente de la reseña 
En general
3 / 5
Facilidad de uso
3 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia técnica
4 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Comentarios: Trakdesk has come a long way in its short time on the market. We are very pleased with the strides it has made in aligning with the common tasks of a Service Desk team. Like any new player in this game, there are some shortfalls, but, when these shortfalls are reported to the team, they acknowledge them, and in many cases, so far, they have fixed them. Fundamentally, this system just works and is a great tool for those looking for a hosted Service Desk solution that does not have the big price tag that others do. The support from the Trakdesk team is top notch. We have needed help with various things in our time with Trakdesk and their support has never failed us. Quick responses, and even remote assistance when needed. If you want to be involved and help shape the future of Trakdesk, come join the community. Active members, friendly discussions on topics to help improve Trakdesk and mold it into what we all need......A system that helps us do our jobs better.

Puntos a favor: The ability to track time spent on each ticket. Along with that, the robust reporting features.

Contras: The look and feel took some time getting used to. Customization is not something that the average joe would be able to accomplish. Would be nice if there were some pre-configured themes out there to choose from. We have a team member that has a really hard time reading the words with the default theme, colorblindness needs to be considered with this product.

Respuesta de proveedores

por Trakdesk el 7/3/2017

Hi Jamison, Thank you for your feedback. In regards to changing ticket status etc, you can already do that with event based automation.

Google calendar integration is already on our road map.

The menu is also static on large screens, if you are viewing it on a small screen, it will scroll.

New kid on the block

Traducir con Google Revisado el 21/6/2016
Ruu M.
Tecnología y servicios de la información, 2-10 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 1-5 meses
Fuente de la reseña 
En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
4 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia técnica
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Comentarios: Was looking for a new ticket system. All the big ones didn't really offer what we needed fully, all had some quirks. Then I found Trakdesk, which álso had some quirks, but instead of "we'll forward it to the development team", "we will take a look", "maybe next year", it was many times done the next day. Being the 'new kid on the block' they don't yet have all the functionality that the other big brothers have, but with the speed of development and the high quality that is already visible it is one of the most promising products this year. That is why we stepped in!

Puntos a favor: Clean interface
Great development speed
Open for suggestions and customer needs
Stability of the product
Promise of the future, all the big plans they have. Currently they stay nice on track!

Contras: I think it is a pity it resembles a certain other system at first glance, but really it isn't. I think they should try to reduce the resemblance and it will give them more credit.
Next I would like to have a bit more flexibility in setup, some areas offer a lot of freedom, others I would like to be able to change some settings for myself. Good thing is that we had quite in depth discussions on these things and many have changed during development.

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