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11 reseñas
  • En general 4.5 / 5
  • Facilidad de uso 4 / 5
  • Atención al cliente 4 / 5
  • Funciones 4.5 / 5
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  • Precio de partida $24/mes
  • Versión gratuita
  • Prueba gratis
  • Implementación En la nube, SaaS, web
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  • Formación Seminarios web
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Prototyping app that allows the creation of interactive, animated, high-fidelity prototypes that look and feel real, without code.


Funciones de

  • Animación
  • Arrastrar y soltar
  • Colaboración
  • Control de versiones
  • Creación de prototipos IU
  • Creación de prototipos UX
  • Creación de prototipos de software
  • Modelos
  • Tests de usabilidad
  • Arrastrar y soltar
  • Captura de pantalla
  • Colaboración
  • Creación de mockups
  • Creación de prototipos
  • Creación de wireframes
  • Elementos interactivos
  • Enlace de páginas
  • Gestión de comentarios
  • Herramientas de presentación
  • Historial de revisión
  • Interfaz de escritorio
  • Interfaz móvil

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is a ground-breaking web application for making completely intelligent

Traducir con Google Revisado el 26/4/2019
Nimanthi R.
Seguridad informática y de redes, 2-10 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 6-12 meses
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En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia técnica
4 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
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Comentarios: Extraordinary prototyping apparatus that is a stage above envision yet not all that thick you need a degree to utilize it. On the off chance that you need to make intriguing micro-interactions with regards to your models, is the least demanding and most attractive approach to accomplish it.

Puntos a favor: is a ground-breaking web application for making completely intelligent, high-loyalty portable application models. It enables fashioners to make versatile application screens, apply for screen advances and characterize contact occasions for each plan component on the screen. This makes an astounding model, which will work, and feel like a genuine application. Extra gadget occasions, for example, screen introduction are likewise bolstered. Models can be seen and experienced intelligently inside the program however more imperatively can be propelled in the real cell phone, for example, iPhone, iPad or proportionate, making a stunning client experience.
1. Level Scroll: One of the striking highlights of Proto-io is the even looking over an element which isn't accessible in a large portion of the applications in the market. It consolidates this element easily. 2. Similarity: Proto-io is good with programming like Sketch, the vector illustrations proofreader. Along these lines, the model can be utilized on Sketch too. UI/UX originators initially have memberships to Sketch and accordingly can chip away at the two stages for application improvement.
3. Client Testing: Proto-io model is perfect with This enables the planner to get model surveys easily.
4. More highlights: While some applications spend significant time in giving a specific capacity, proto-io is the handyman, There are numerous approaches to assemble these intuitive models.
5. Nume

Contras: 1. Interface: It sets aside some effort to become acclimated to. Any planner may require some assistance before utilizing proto-io highlights to its fullest. In any case, looking over highlights more than remunerate the issue. The interface is very troublesome for learners.
2. Powers to utilize itself: Proto-io is made so that it debilitates the client to utilize some other applications. Any originator has a membership for Sketch and might want to deal with it flawlessly.
3. Movable measurements: Any model doesn't have movable measurements. An application intended for the iPhone won't take a shot at some other Android telephones. The application must be redeveloped to be utilized on another arrangement of measurements.
4. Sets aside an effort to stack for different applications like on In general: Best Customer Service, When I attempted to build up an application, my screen was slacking a bit. Be that as it may, the client administration got past it. They were useful and brief. Proto-io is a basic and intelligent stage. Great client administration more than makes up for the cons.

My best prototype tool for any UI UX project

Traducir con Google Revisado el 21/3/2019
Chief Technology Officer
Software informático, Trabajador autónomo
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de un año
Fuente de la reseña 
En general
4 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia técnica
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Comentarios: Best Customer Service, When I tried to develop an app, my screen was lagging a bit. But the customer service helped to get through it. They were helpful and prompt. Proto-io is a simple and interactive platform. Good customer service more than compensates for the cons. All these functions may be used on a free trial, but it takes time to get used to.

Puntos a favor: Proto-io is an interactive app that lets you develop prototypes without any coding. The app is quite the experience and a one-off for UI/UX app designers considering that it allows scrolling containers with such ease. The platform has is compatible with many software in the market. Proto-io has definitely set the league apart when it comes to prototype app design. Pros:
1. Horizontal Scroll: One of the salient features of Proto-io is the horizontal scrolling feature which is not available in most of the apps in the market. It incorporates this feature with ease.
2. Compatibility: Proto-io is compatible with software like Sketch, the vector graphics editor. This way, the prototype can be used on Sketch as well. UI/UX designers originally have subscriptions to Sketch and thus can work on both platforms for app development.
3. User Testing: Proto-io prototype is compatible with This allows the designer to get prototype reviews with ease.
4. More features: While some apps specialize in providing a particular function, proto-io is the jack of all trades, There are many ways to build these interactive prototypes.
5. Multiple Projects: Proto-io lets you build multiple projects at once. These projects may even defer in the dimensions of the software. One of them maybe for iPhone while the other maybe for Windows desktop.

Contras: Cons:
1. Interface: It takes time to get used to. Any designer may need some help before using proto-io features to its fullest. But scrolling features more than compensate the problem. The interface is quite difficult for beginners.
2. Forces to use itself: Proto-io is made in such a way that it discourages the user to use any other apps. Any designer has a subscription for Sketch and would like to work on it seamlessly.
3. Adjustable dimensions: Any prototype doesn't have adjustable dimensions. An app designed for the iPhone won't work on any other Android phones. The app has to be redeveloped to be used on another set of dimensions.
4. Takes time to load for other apps like on

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