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Who Uses This Software?

Gather serves all markets, wherever there is a physical interaction with a customer or prospect, we can help you develop loyal relationships with your customers.

Average Ratings

9 reviews
  • Overall 5 / 5
  • Ease of Use 5 / 5
  • Customer Service 5 / 5
  • Features 5 / 5
  • Value for Money 4.5 / 5

Product Details

  • Starting Price USD 302.00
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  • Pricing Details Scalable & customisable pricing
  • Free Version No
  • Free Trial
  • Deployment En la nube, SaaS, web
    Móvil: nativo de iOS
    Móvil: nativo de Android
  • Training En persona
    En directo en línea
    Seminarios web
  • Support Horas laborables
    En línea

Vendor Details

  • MSP Gather
  • Founded 1971

About Gather

Unlock more value in your customer data with Gathers time-saving, easy to use lead capture app.

Use OCR (optical character recognition) to scan business cards and push data to CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics in seconds.

Create guest lists, search and enrich your existing data instead of creating duplicate records.

Ideal for quick customisable mobile data capture, CRM integration and personalised post-lead marketing. Boost ROI with quicker follow up.

Gather Features

  • Bodas/fiestas
  • Compra de entradas
  • Conferencias/convenciones
  • Encuestas y comentarios
  • Gestión de exposiciones y de proveedores
  • Gestión de participantes
  • Gestión de patrocinadores
  • Gestión de reservas por grupos de habitaciones
  • Gestión de tarjetas de identificación
  • Gestión de voluntariado
  • Ludificación
  • Promoción de redes sociales
  • Automatización de reembolsos
  • Encuestas y comentarios
  • Generador de formularios
  • Gestión de asistencia
  • Gestión de calendarios
  • Gestión de contactos
  • Gestión de marketing
  • Gestión de tarjetas de identificación
  • Inscripción de actividades
  • Inscripción de clases
  • Inscripción de eventos
  • Inscripción de grupos
  • Inscripción en línea
  • Inscripción in situ
  • Procesamiento de pagos
  • Registro de llegada por cuenta propia
  • Búsqueda de clientes potenciales
  • Captura de clientes potenciales
  • Distribución de clientes potenciales
  • Evaluación de clientes potenciales
  • Generación de clientes potenciales
  • Gestión de campañas
  • Gestión del pipeline
  • Segmentación de clientes potenciales
  • Seguimiento de actividades
  • Seguimiento de fuentes
  • Distribución de clientes potenciales
  • Enriquecimiento de clientes potenciales
  • Escaneado de tarjetas de visita y de identificación
  • Evaluación de clientes potenciales
  • Extracción de datos
  • Generación de clientes potenciales
  • Generador de formularios
  • Ludificación
  • Notificaciones de clientes potenciales
  • Panel de comunicaciones
  • Verificación de datos
  • Captura distribuida
  • Captura remota
  • Digitalización de documentos
  • Entrada de datos
  • Gestión de estudios
  • Gestión de formularios
  • Indexación de documentos
  • Registro de auditoría
  • Seguimiento CRF
  • Verificación de datos

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Gather Most Helpful Reviews

Great solution for lead capture automation

Translate with Google Reviewed on 17/5/2019
Desmond F.
Digital Product Developer
Business Supplies & Equipment, 501-1000 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source 
5 / 5
Ease of Use
5 / 5
Features & Functionality
5 / 5
Customer Support
Value for Money
Likelihood to Recommend:
Not Likely Extremely Likely

Comments: Clear communication, fast response from support team, positive experience all-around.

Pros: We love how easy it is to capture lead info with Gather. With 3 easy steps (scan business card, answer qualifying questions, lead review/accept permission statement), we could save the details to the CRM real-time. Our backend colleagues can follow-up on the red-hot leads immediately, so leads get the answers to their questions fast, we convert leads to opportunities more effectively. The ability to add custom questions on the fly is really useful as well.

Cons: Custom questions are only added to local device; wish they can be managed in the cloud and sorted by user group to cut down the repetitive work involved (add the same questions across X devices) prior to an event. However the Gather team mentioned a solution to this issue is in their development backlog, so looking forward to its implementation.

Event Data Capture

Translate with Google Reviewed on 22/5/2019
Marc D.
Events Services, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
Reviewer Source 
5 / 5
Ease of Use
5 / 5
Features & Functionality
5 / 5
Customer Support
5 / 5
Value for Money
Likelihood to Recommend:
Not Likely Extremely Likely

Comments: An excellent product supported by helpful customer service.

Pros: I've used the Gather App across a range of events within different verticals for several years. It has allowed me access to an additional revenue stream and enhanced my offering to customers. The application has proved to be easy to use and robust in operation.

Cons: The back-office system used for user administration, uploading data and downloading client files wasn't particularly intuitive.

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