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TOPS is designed for community association management, specifically organizations managing condominiums and HOAs.

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    $.75 per door, $350/month minimum
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    En la nube, SaaS, web
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  • TOPS Software
  • http://www.tops-one.com/one
  • Fundada en 1985

Información sobre este software

TOPS [ONE] is a fully web-based platform for community association management. For Management Companies and Self-Managed Communities, TOPS [ONE] provides an all-in-one management experience. Combine your portfolio, accounting, management and automation tools into an All-in-[ONE] solution that just works for you!

Funciones de TOPS [ONE]

  • Base de datos de propiedades
  • Comunidades de miembros
  • Directorio de miembros
  • Gestión de calendarios
  • Gestión de comités
  • Gestión de documentos
  • Gestión de eventos
  • Gestión de pedidos de trabajo
  • Gestión de sitio web
  • Procesamiento de pagos en línea
  • Base de datos de arrendatarios
  • Base de datos de propietarios
  • Comprobación de crédito
  • Cálculo del recargo por pago atrasado
  • Facturación
  • Gestión de arrendamientos
  • Gestión de carteras
  • Gestión de contactos
  • Gestión de gastos
  • Gestión de impuestos
  • Gestión de seguros
  • Gestión de sitio web
  • Gestión del mantenimiento
  • Portal de arrendatarios
  • Portal de propietarios
  • Procesamiento de pagos
  • Propiedades comerciales
  • Propiedades residenciales
  • Seguimiento de alquileres
  • Seguimiento de vacantes

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Please read before buying this! what a nightmare!!!

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Comentarios: If your goal is to run your office efficiently then I suggest you do not use tops one!! I was so excited after talking to the sales rep about all the cool changes we could make and not one of the promises turned out! I have sent at least 10 emails to ask them when I am getting my training on the compliance and management side of the software and I was told the rep will call me and then after more emails from me i was told some other rep will call me then after another email today they told me the third rep is going to be reaching out to me. That is what inspired the review! I can't believe this company is able to stay in business or are they on their way out and that is why all the issues many companies are having. I also called other companies across Utah and Arizona that use tops and I have asked them if they are having the same problems and I have had every one of the companies tell me they are looking to change! Don't buy this product you will regret your choice. The next step to get back my money/training and misdirected promises would be get a lawyer involved. Sad that they can just be honest and fair to their clients

Puntos en contra: One year later and still haven't been fully trained like I was promised they took thousands of dollars from me no problem. I have to pay on time but they don't have to deliver on anything.
The support takes way too long to get answers or they don't have answers
The emails only go out in Tops software's name and you can't customize the subject line if emailed not the scheduler
Many people saying they aren't getting the emails from the software even though it says it was sent
The financials always have mistakes that they can't explain then we have to wait for them to fix them
Annual budget to update is very difficult to do. not user-friendly. you can hide the zeroed line items while updated the budget. good luck!
They say the financial layout is customizable but yet when we ask if we can do things they say well you can't do that!
Our CPA says The default financial isn't set up to the standard of typical financial statement
Unable to delete certain data that they said we could during the demo
The tradition has been a painful process! They said it is easy! it is not!!
They said it works good with a Mac computer but it doesnt! yes it is web based but any docs downloaded or files you need to work with are not MAC friendly
Reports take very long to download! Custom reports are not user friendly
It crashes and times out
It does not have simple commands like putting tables in alphabetical order or descending/ascending order. It also does not imp/exp very good

Vendor Response

by TOPS Software on 7/6/2018

Marc, thank you for posting your review in so many places, we have really got to stop meeting like this!

I know that you have spent excessive time with our support team and with Teri Perez, our support manager, and that you have experienced a resolution of many, if not all of the issues listed here.

I appreciate that you continue to be a user of TOPS ONE, as a show of faith in our commitment to our clients and their needs. We promise to continue to work hard to win back your love and affection!

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En general
4 / 5
Facilidad de uso
4 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia al cliente
Relación calidad-precio

Comentarios: I am the Vice President and General Manager for Steward Property Services, Inc., located in Petaluma, CA. We are a small company that has a strong local reputation that has been built over twenty years of managing Common Interest Developments from Ukiah to San Rafael. We have a unique take on managing HOAs and prefer to work toward a sense of community, rather than as enforcement agents. However, every Board we manage and every Association we manage is unique and they all have their own priorities, which we try our best to satisfy. When I started with this company over five years ago, the housing market was just beginning to crash. Foreclosures and bankruptcies were skyrocketing and our operational needs were multiplying faster than we could handle. This is when I started looking to consolidate our operations and use technology to increase efficiency in an effort to lower costs for our clients. We had been using software that was geared toward rental properties and creating customized communication using the Microsoft Office Suite. As our business began to grow, and I was promoted into more of a supervisory position, there was no way for me to provide accurate or constructive oversight because everyone seemed to be "doing their own thing." When I came across TOPS software, a light came on. All of their features fit all of our needs and everything was bundled into one nice package, which also functioned as a centralized database for all of the information that we had previously had to create individual folders for. The housing of data was also attractive because much of this could be kept digitally and we could begin decreasing our paper use. I researched many competitors and many different types of programs. The answer, for me, quickly became obvious. TOPS would be the perfect solution for our company. I worked with their sales department and expressed my problems and needs and they were able to define for me how TOPS could help. In 2008, we purchased the software with the intent of having our accounting department test it and become familiar with it, before introducing it to the management side of the house. This was incremental because we were able to first import all of our accounts from our previous software. Because we had our own unique needs, we chose to transfer all of the data ourselves, but if you are not that tech savvy, TOPS has conversion specialists that can work with almost any kind of database and get you up and running quickly. TOPS worked with our banks so that we could import and export data for check writing, reconciliations, deposits and all other areas of accounting functionality. We were able to convert all of our properties as their fiscal cycles renewed and began 2009 with all of our accounts in TOPS. The hiccups were minimal, but I was sure to purchase their unlimited tech support, and this has become incredibly valuable, as we have progressed. They are so friendly and helpful with minor user issues, but when our server crashed and we had to convert all of our backup data to our new server, TOPS worked overtime to make sure that we were up and running as soon as possible. If we want to customize any of our operations within TOPS, tech support and their training department have helped us get there. The training classes are fantastic and easy for any user, no matter the skill level. Once we transitioned this software to our managers, the reaction was immediate. Our managers actually thanked me for making their jobs easier. I helped them set up their form letters and CC&R tables, and suddenly their mountain of violation work had been streamlined and easily archived for reference. The reports helped them manage work orders, phone calls, and follow up on violations. I helped accounting set up their delinquency tables and tracking became a breeze. It was easier to train my successor on the delinquency process because TOPS streamlines and tracks the progress of the delinquency and using the job streaming function allowed the delinquency process to be completed in a matter of minutes, versus what used to take us three or four days. I could type on and on about how valuable TOPS has been to our business. They are constantly evolving the software and developing partnerships with companies such as AtHomeNet.com, who created and manages Association websites for us and is able to work with TOPS so that users can securely login to their Association site and view pertinent accounting data and reports. I try to attend any seminar TOPS offers because their products keep evolving so rapidly, I don't want to miss out. If you are thinking of transitioning software, I highly recommend TOPS for both small and large management companies. If you would ever like to speak with me about our experience, someone at TOPS can put you in touch with me. Or use the contacts listed in this review. I could not be happier with the choice we made. I hope you have success too!